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1932 Ford Lincoln KB Top Down

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1932 Ford Lincoln KB Top Down

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  • powered by a V-12 engine

  • luxurious interiors

  • 1:18 scale

  • red colour



In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Henry Ford had a problem. Though he was famous for mass-producing quality cars and making them affordable, brands like Cadillac were viewed as the superior products for high-end customers. In short, he was losing the luxury market. Ford decided to challenge Cadillac directly with the launch of the 1932 Lincoln Model KB, powered by a V-12 engine, and decked out with luxurious interiors and expertly judged brightwork. The KB was an immediate success and quickly became a must-have status symbol— this was the car you got when you were important. This 1:18 scale 1932 Lincoln Model KB comes in a bold, red color, ready to show off, and with the top down so you can peer inside. The hood and doors both open and the front wheels are turnable, just like the heads of onlookers as this car zoomed past them. The luxury hotrod is now so treasured that, in 2015, one sold at auction for an incredible $836,000. Our collectible model is a little more affordable, priced $195, but is still a must-have because of the extra buzz it will add to your fleet.
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