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Bleu Marin Chronograph

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Bleu Marin Chronograph

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  • rotating bezel

  • stopwatch 

  • alarm functions 

  • electro-luminescence backlight.

  • Compendium Hybrid

  • stainless steel band

  • water-resistant to 3 ATMs.



Innovation is the path to the future. Stauer takes that seriously. That’s why we developed the Compendium Hybrid, a stunningl designed hybrid chronograph with over one dozen analog and digital functions that is more versatile than any watch that we have ever engineered. New technology usually starts out at astronomical prices and then comes down years later. We skipped that step to allow everyone the chance to experience this watch’s brilliant fusion of technology and style. We originally priced the Stauer Compendium Hybrid at £409 based on the market for advanced sports watches... but then stopped ourselves. Since this is no ordinary economy, we decided to start at 88% off from day one. That means this new technological marvel can be yours for only £129.99! Welcome a new Digital Revolution. With the release of the dynamic new Compendium, those boxy, plastic wrist calculators of the past have been replaced by this luxurious LCD chronograph that is sophisticated enough for a formal evening out, but rugged and tough enough to feel at home in a cockpit, camping expedition or covert mission. The watch’s extraordinary dial seamlessly blends an analog watch face with a stylish digital display. Three super-bright luminous hands keep time along the inner dial, while a trio of circular LCD windows track the hour, minutes and seconds.
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