Stauer Deep Swiss Dive Watch

Stauer Deep Swiss Dive Watch

Stauer Flyboy Blue Watch

Stauer Flyboy Blue Watch

Stauer Centurion Hybrid Watch

  • Quartz movement
  • Analog and Digital
  • Band Length 10”
  • Band Width 24mm
  • CaseDiameter 47mm
  • Case Thickness 17mm
  • 3 atm waterresistant
  • Solid Back
  • Turning Bezel
  • Arabic Numerals
  • Contrast stiched Black Band
  • Mineral Crystal face
  • Alloy Case
  • Military time
  • Alarm function
  • Dayand Date Function
  • Backlight
  • Stop watch
  • Black colored Dial
  • Wrist Accommodations 7 ¼” To 8 3/4"
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This watch doesn't do dainty

Our Centurion Hybrid Watch never clocks out

This watch doesn’t do dainty. And neither do I. Call me old-fashioned, but I want my boots to be leather, my tires to be deep-tread monsters, and my steak thick and rare.

Plenty of folks around here appreciate the softer side of life. Monet, Shakespeare, whoever. They’re all great, but I don’t want to wear anything inspired by pastel waterlilies or a 400 year-old sonnet. Its inspiration should come from things like dirt and axes. Firefighters and belt sanders.

And if you want to talk beauty, then let’s discuss a 428 cubic inch V8. Things that can’t help being tough because they were just born that way. That was the direction I gave our designers when I suggested a new watch. I walked into the meeting, pulled out an old toy truck (the kind you and I played with as kids: yellow and black, made of real metal, weighs as much as a sledge hammer) and said, "Turn this into a watch." They didn’t disappoint.

The Stauer Centurion Hybrid is ready for much more than the sandbox. This is a grown-up watch for grown-up boys who want grown-up toys. The heavy-duty alloy body is chromed and detailed with a rotating bezel that allows you to track time and speed. The luminous hour and minute hands mean you can keep working into the night. And the dual digital displays give this watch a hybrid ability. The LCD windows show the time, day and date, include a stopwatch function, and feature a green electro-luminescent backlight.

The designers were sure to incorporate elements from that diecast beast of a toy I gave them for inspiration. The band is accented with yellow stitching and the dial and second hand pop with that same memorable color. So go ahead, get to work on that engine or fire up the radial arm saw. This watch can keep up. The only problem you’ll have is deciding whether to keep the Stauer Centurion on your dresser with your wallet and car keys or tucked inside your toolbox.

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