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Stauer Gold Coast Complete Collection

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Stauer Gold Coast Complete Collection



  • Set inlcudes Watch, Ring, Earrings, & Necklace

  • Gold-finished Setting

  • Watch

  • Case: Alloy

  • Dial: Mother of Pearl

  • Glass Pearls

  • Case Dimensions: 28mm x 22mm

  • Case Thickness: 8.22mm

  • 3atm Water Resistance

  • Fits wrist up to 7 ½”

  • Necklace

  • 17" Length with box Clasp

  • Earrings

  • Omega Backs

  • Ring

  • One size fits most



Where there’s no will, there’s a way

Inherit our Gold Coast Collection and indulge yourself with the opulent luxury look of a vintage jewelry treasure!

Long ago, the only way to get jewelry that looked this great was to inherit it. The Industrial Revolution created a generation of Northern billionaires who surrounded themselves with the finest luxuries. If you wanted to own a sparkling piece of the old-fashioned American dream, you attended the reading of the will and crossed your fingers. But these days, sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time.

I was staying with family on Long Island when I heard about a big estate sale in one of those Gold Coast mansions so huge that it has its own name. I can’t remember in which of the 15 bedrooms I discovered the set of heirloom pearls, but I’ll never forget the price. That’s why I created the Gold Coast Collection. It’s the perfect way to experience the opulence and elegance of vintage luxury, even if your last name isn’t Rockefeller, Vanderbilt or Astor.

Our Gold Coast Collection features a bounty of ivory orbs that are beautiful to behold. Surrounded by bright, glittering artisan crystals set in gleaming, gold-finished settings, each piece shines with the cachet of an heirloom auction treasure.

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Additional Information

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