Stauer Rose Gold-Finished Monaco Watch

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I love classic watches. They are finely tuned miniature mechanical marvels that are both beautiful and functional. But many Swiss models cost more than my new car. So we decided to replicate the movement of a magnificent £26,000 Swiss automatic watch, but sell it to you for a fraction of the cost. You end up with thousands in change... enough to buy a brand new car. Is their watch really worth £26,000? We don’t believe that any watch is. That’s the point. So how did we build such a fine machine for such a low price? We saved you a fortune by moving production across the border and out of Switzerland. We hired Swiss-trained engineers to manage the production. We even purchased Swiss calibrators to ensure accuracy. But we avoided the high taxes and high marketing costs in Switzerland. We built this brilliant timepiece with a 6-hand movement. The Stauer Rose Gold-Finished Monaco displays the date and day of the week. A third interior dial displays 24-hour military time. The exquisite automatic movement is powered by your body’s motion so it never needs batteries. The interior workings have over 185 parts assembled by hand. Twenty-seven rubies act to minimize the friction on the gears and rotors so the movement maintains incredible accuracy. Every single watch is timed for 15 days before it leaves the factory. You can tell the quality by the smooth sweeping motion of the second hand. For the first time in watchmaking history. You’ve never seen a watch this refined on the market at this low a price. You deal directly with the manufacturer so we pass the savings on to you. And the Monaco comes with the added luxury of keeping your money in your wallet, not on your wrist. Automatic, Case: gold fused, ATM: 5, Wrist size inches up to 8½”.
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